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Mechanical Inspection
  Having the benefit of over 30 years of experience in the RBC industry, we can be a valuable resource to you. RBC Wastewater Services has been involved in all aspects of the life cycle of large and small installations from conception to manufacture to installation to commissioning and then maintenance, repair, upgrade, refurbishment, or decommissioning.
This hands-on experience translates to a wealth of knowledge ready to assist with complete mechanical inspections of your unit. We know how properly maintained units should run, what to expect if they are not, and how to avoid costly repairs and service interruptions. Depending upon the usage and criticality of service, mechanical inspections by RBC Wastewater Services should be scheduled annually or bi-annually.

Mechanical Consulting 

Secondary treatment plants are full of living organisms. Processing defects and unwanted substances in the influent will create an offensive odour and poor effluent results.