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  Just as with any mechanical device, your wastewater system requires regular service. Some of the tasks are daily; some are weekly, monthly, or annually. Some items such as RBC media exchanges should be expected every twenty years.

By scheduling your maintenance with RBC Wastewater services, you maintain better control of downtime and can avoid unexpected expenses. We can provide a checklist to help you and your operators fully understand what needs to be done and how often.
Your system will provide decades of service provided it is properly maintained. RBC Wastewater Services can help you achieve that goal.

Our crew is ready to install all the mechanical components of a sewage treatment plant. This includes:
» Steel work assembly
» Pumps
» Sludge Dewatering Equipment
» Rotating Biological Contactors
» Aeration Equipment
» Ultra-Violet Disinfection
» Chlorination
» Micron Screening Filters
» Sand Filters
» Grit Removal
» Bar Screens
» Clarifiers
» Aerobic Digesters
» Feed Systems: Polymer, Alum, Molasses, etc
Mechanical Assembly 
When it comes to mechanical assembly, we can build units at our facility or on site. At our facility we can provide:
» Assembly of mechanical components
» Cranes
» Transportation
» Material sourcing
» Welding

We are fully equipped to handle on site mechanical assembly and installation.

Onsite Modifications 

It is not uncommon to modify, or fine tune, a sewage treatment plant. This is usually done within the first two years of the plant operating. In older sewage treatment plants upgrades may be required to comply with Ministry of Environment permit.

Routine Mechanical Inspections 
Routine mechanical inspections by R.B.C. Wastewater services will save you money. It has become our experience that costly repairs can be avoided by having routine inspections and maintenance policy evaluations.
Site Management  
We are skilled in managing site contracts. We will take on the position of the owners’ right-hand man, to ensure that the project proceeds in an orderly and cost effective manner.