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Mechanical Repairs
  RBC Wastewater Services can get your system back operating properly when it malfunctions.

Our trained and experienced team of technicians are equipped to service your equipment to get it running in peak condition as quickly as possible.
No matter where your system is in Canada, we are able to respond with the right people, the right tools, and the right parts. Have it done right.

Small problems left unattended can lead to bigger problems and costlier repairs in the future.

RBC Wastewater Services will fix the reported problems but also inspect the complete unit and provide a written summary report of anything that could lead to problems in the future.

Bearing Repairs

We are well versed in the installation and replacement of R.B.C. bearings. Servicing split sleeve and taper lock bearings with bore sizes up to 7 3/16 inches. A bearing failure of an R.B.C. requires immediate repair by a qualified technician. Failure to do so will result in a costly stub-end replacement.
Stub End Replacement 
Stub-end replacement involves stripping or partially stripping the R.B.C. media. Stub-end replacement is the most difficult task in repairing an R.B.C. We have the experience and expertise to complete this task at a minimum capital expenditure.
Complete Overhauls 
We are crew ready to completely revamp any R.B.C. This process will start with a site visit to take measurements, inspect the overall condition of the unit and recommend a course of action. We will source for you, and install, the most cost effective replacement media with the best life expectancy.